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Data Center Movers

Data Center and Technology Movers When it comes to moving your office, it’s a pretty simple job, right? Just chuck everything into a truck and ship it to the destination. It’s a straightforward job that just...

Cloud computing in healthcare issnetworks
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Cloud Computing in Healthcare

The world of healthcare was completely centralized to the point that people had to keep going to the same hospital just because other hospitals wouldn’t have access to the right records to help them out. In an ...

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Computer Services

Integrated Computer Services and How We Can Help You Looking for top-quality computer services? Need someone to handle the IT side of the business? If so, you’re at just the right place!Integrated Networks C...

Data Management Services in NJ
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Data Management in NJ

What were the first data management processes? Data management and their first steps. Not long ago, offices or companies, small or medium, had to deal with a variety of information. That was very limited com...

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is Important for Your Business? Managed IT services need information. Maintenance of such data, and efficiency in the way they are managed, invariably need a human factor to participate.&...

IT Support in New Jersey
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IT Support NJ

Are You Looking for IT Support in New Jersey? IT Support NJ recommends if you own a company that uses technological components to operate, and they are fundamental in the operation of your company and busine...

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IT Consulting NJ

Confusing to call an IT consulting company for your business? IT consulting services must provide you with confidence and speed to solve problems that affect the correct performance of all your company&#8217...

Success Stories

Improving lives with technology – HSE lighthouse project

The ‘Lighthouse Projects’ are in the clinical disciplines of the chronic diseases Epilepsy, Haemophilia and Bipolar Disorder. The epilepsy Lighthouse project is a partnership between a number of organisations –...

Success Stories

Technology support allows erie non-profit to serve the community

Paul Lukach, Executive Director of the Crime Victim Center of Erie County, is the first to admit it: he and his employees don’t pride themselves on being technology savvy. That’s why the company needed a truste...

News & Events

Tips to make your workforce a security front line

Download E-book Cyber security is something that is constantly on our mind here at Unit. This is because, according to Bloomberg, cyber security related issues costs companies around $400 Billion a year on aver...