March 9, 2017

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring remote computer support-Integrated-Networks-Solutions

Remote Monitoring Remote Computer Support. Integrated Networks Solutions.

Our goal is to prevent the problems before they occur. Ask yourself the following questions: How much is downtime costing your company?

Not only you pay your employes for the time they are unable to work because the network is down or the data is lost; in addition to the decline in productivity, you may lose potential business or a new client, or simply upset your existing customers.

Are you spending more time than you like dealing with computer problems?

How long does it take you to get a tech at your offices? And how long does it actually take him to fix your problem?

When was the last time you backed up your server and had the data verified?

What would happen if you lost all or even some of your data unexpectedly? It is a fact of life that systems, even the best maintained ones, eventually experience problems. Are you equipped and prepared in the case of catastrophic failure? Can you afford to re-do all of your hand work? If the answer is no, then you need our help.

Integrated Networks can help you with:

Fast response time,

in fact, one of the fastest response time averages in the industry

Knowledgeable and dependable computer technicians,

trained to deal with wide range of hardware and software both remotely and on-site quickly and efficiently

Back up and disaster recovery solutions (BDR)

that will improve your security and protect you from catastrophic data loss

A custom-tailored IT infrastructure

that fits your specific needs and enhances your ROI. We’ll build your system and provide proactive preventive monitoring and support 24/7.