March 9, 2017

Networking Services

Networking Services in New Jersey.

Integrated Network Solution’s staff of System Engineers can provide a wide array of Networking Services. Among the most highly trained and experienced engineers in the industry, these networking professionals offer information technology consulting services such as LAN/WAN design, network design, implementation and administration.
Networking Services-computer networks services new jersey and new york

Computer Networks Services in New Jersey.

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Network Support Programs

Integrated Network Solution’s mission is to provide a single-source support solution for networked environments. Our System Engineers represent the technical team that coordinates the higher-end technology projects surrounding the networked environment. We are a Network Consultant in New Jersey  with highly experienced in managing large, information technology projects, systems and departments, our system engineering team provides:

  •  Dedicated on-site and/or dispatched on-site support
  •  Project management
  •  A single dispatch number
  •  Availability up to and including 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  •  Network Support Agreements

The Integrated Network Systems Engineer

Our staff of System Engineers has the knowledge and experience to maximize your investment in Networking Services.  They have many years of combined information technology consulting experience. Some of their skills and qualifications include:

• Three (3) to fifteen (15)+ years industry experience

• Industry certification from Microsoft and Cisco.

• Network design, consulting, maintenance and administration

• Project management

• System installation and configuration

• Internal and external technical support

• Disaster recovery planning


Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

Our System Engineering staff offers consulting services on networked environments. Highly trained in providing IT solutions, these specialists focus on analyzing your requirements and implementing a program that maximizes system efficiency. Networking Services include:

• Information systems platform redesign

• Feasibility and impact analysis of integrating emerging technologies on existing platforms

• End-user group needs analysis

• Establishing hardware, software and networking standards

Disaster recovery planning

Integrated Network provides creative technology solutions that keep companies on the cutting edge of the ever-changing technological frontier. Our cost-effective service and support programs are uniquely designed to provide immediate solutions, as a result they can remain flexible enough to grow with your organization.

Integrated Network Solutions has strategically maneuvered the company through the rapidly changing information technology sales and service industry. We offer such diverse services as:

Network Support Our team of System Engineers design, install, maintain and support LAN/WAN and Enterprise networks.

Systems Maintenance Our A+ Certified Customer Engineers provide hardware repair services for information technology equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Training Our staff offers convenient and cost-effective training services for both new and advanced end-users.

Help Desk Our highly trained Help Desk staff provide support on many network and desktop application software packages, as well as proprietary software applications.

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Services We design and install cabling networks for all PC LAN/WAN environments.

Product Procurement We market and distribute technology products for leading manufacturers such as Apple, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, 3COM, Gateway, Microsoft and Novell.

Internet Services Through our certified staff and Technical Support, we provide Internet access, Web Site Design & Construction also Internet user training services.

Additionally, you will find that Integrated Network Solutions is committed to:

• Establishing and maintaining excellent communications with our clients

• Coordinating Corporate resources

• Coordinating marketing support

• Monitoring and reviewing service levels

• Communicating technology updates to the client

Our clients have established long-term relationships with us in order to maximize their information technology investments which allows them to fulfill their own business objectives. We look forward to the opportunity to add your company to our list of satisfied customers.

The Integrated Network Solutions Customer Engineer

Our Customer Engineers have the knowledge and experience to maximize your investment in information technology products and Networking Services. Our staff has an average of five plus years of on-site field experience, including problem diagnosis and resolution on a variety of technology products. Some of their skills include:

• Maintenance services on desktops, laptops, associated peripherals and network equipment

• Experience in DOS, Windows, standard application software packages also various network operating systems

• On-site project management

• Customer relations and end-user training

• System installation and configuration

• Internal and external technical support

In addition to being certified by a variety of the largest and most respected manufacturers, all of our Customer Engineers are A+ certified. A+ certification is the industry-wide standard of authorization recognized by dozens of vendors.

We place the highest priority on keeping our Customer Engineers trained and up to date on the latest technology. Integrated Networks has a variety of systems and processes in place to ensure our staff remains the best trained and most knowledgeable service organization in the industry.

Networking Services for Small Business

At Integrated Networks, we believe the customer comes first also every business is especially relevant. Our dedicated staff and skilled computer networking technical support team are ready to customize a secure network system, also we are ready to accommodate all of your IT needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take extra steps up front to make sure thoroughly understand the problem. Then create a well thought out approach for solving it. Not only this enables us to avoid mistakes but also overlooked issues that delay the completion of your project.

At Integrated Networks, our goal is to provide our customers a positive experience with each of our products. You are especially relevant!.
If you have a technical question, relating either to a support or operating issue, E-mail us at or contact us Toll Free: 1 888 477-0022 or Call Us at (201) 735-1988.

Service Areas: Northern, Central and South, New Jersey Areas.