March 9, 2017

Network Consultant in NJ

Best Network Consultant in NJ.

Management is an important component of every computer network. The ability to create queries and reports containing all software and hardware in your environment is extremely valuable- especially in larger environments. In addition, being able to network consultant push out software (including security patches and service packs) from central location can lower costs of maintaining a computer network.

There are several solutions available. Our most popular request is for Microsoft Systems Management Server- one of the most cost-effective robust technologies available. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals can also help fix your current SMS 2003 or SCCM 2007 environment. In many cases, simply cleaning the SQL database will resolve multiple problems. We can identify and fix just about any SMS client issue. In addition, SMS related work can be performed remotely through VPN’s. This will minimize costs involved with the overall repair of your SMS environment.

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Integrated Networks can also help incorporate Software Update Services (SUS), a Microsoft patch management solution, into your existing SMS environment. This will greatly reduce costs involved in patching your servers and workstations. SUS is free from Microsoft and includes a web interface that you can use to generate reports concerning the SMS client community. This allows for the total management of your security patch levels currently running on each client computer.

LAN/WAN Implementation & Roll-Out

Our team of System Engineers are experts in providing technical staffing and project management services. Their knowledge of LAN/WAN platforms such as NetWare, NT, MAC and UNIX extends to:

• LAN/WAN performance analysis

• Carrier network design

• LAN/WAN on-site installations

• LAN/WAN migration and upgrade designs

On-Site Staffing and LAN/WAN Administration

Integrated Network Solutions maintains technical staff who are committed to both long and short term engagements. Some of the services that they can perform are:

• Microsoft, MAC and Linux operating systems

• Email system management

• Network trouble-shooting

• LAN/WAN performance monitoring

• End-user support

• Desktop application support

• Data Protection Services

• Network upgrades

• Ongoing IT consulting

• Set-up and management of IT pilot programs

Network Support Agreements

Integrated Network Solutions offers network support programs for customers that need professional network consultant, network maintenance and administration services. Clients may request agreements on a annual basis in coordination with a retainer for discounted hourly support rates. Several of its benefits are as follows:

• Guaranteed response times

• Free network inspection

• Access to Integrated Network Solution’s Technical Support Help Desk

• Hot Spare Loaner Hardware

• Service Guarantees