March 9, 2017

IT Support

IT Support & Maintenance in New Jersey.

Integrated Networks service organization is targeted towards providing 100 percent service availability and reliability. Our mission is to combine the highest quality IT Support service with cost-effective, innovative strategies that consistently exceed your expectations.

IT Support & Maintenance in NJ

IT Support & Maintenance in New Jersey. Business IT Support in NJ Call Us at (201) 735-1988

Network Support

Industries Served in New Jersey


Our 24/7 Network Support Service combines the services of experienced Microsoft-certified support professionals, the latest network management software, and cost-effective service programs to keep your IT network up and running. Network Support Services.

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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring remote computer support-Integrated-Networks-Solutions

What would happen if you lost all or even some of your data unexpectedly? It is a fact of life that systems, even the best maintained ones, eventually experience problems. Are you equipped and prepared in the case of catastrophic failure? Can you afford to re-do all of your hand work? If the answer is no, then you need our help. Remote Monitoring Services.

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Onsite & Remote IT Support

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24/7 Onsite Support – When your office is hectic and your server is down or your network printer is not working properly, we are standing by waiting to dispatch technicians to your location. Because we understand that in business time is money, this is why we offer emergency service. Our primary focus is to provide affordable, computer help to meet your specific business needs. Also can provide you with the essential IT support to run a successful business and be there for you no matter what kind of problems arise. Onsite & Remote Support

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IT Liquidation Services in New Jersey-Integrated-Networks-Solutions-tel-1-888-277-0022

No longer will any supplier with a truck and a shredder satisfy requirements for security and environmental responsibility. Today, IT departments, business owners and operational and facilities personnel must ensure they are dealing with reputable, dependable firms with proven track records and a deep understanding of secure IT asset disposal and recycling. IT Liquidation Services in New Jersey

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IT Support & Maintenance

Because we understand that our clients require flexible, easy to customize programs that grow and expand with your business. Our various service programs provide:

Integrated Networks provides both in and out of warranty maintenance services on equipment from dozens of manufacturers. While several standard support programs are available, each one can be fully customized to best serve your business needs. In addition normal hours of service coverage are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with full coverage available up to and including 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hours of coverage are flexible and dependent upon your requirements.

• Guaranteed on-site response and repair times

• A single dispatch number

• Fully-configured loaner units

• All labor, parts and travel required for repairs

• Coverage 24 hours per day/7 days per week

• Access to spare parts

• Flat-fee, retainer, share security and time and materials pricing options.

Depot Repair Services

Integrated Networks Customer Engineering Department maintains a fully equipped Technical Workshop capable of handling all of your depot repair requirements. In addition an entire suite of depot programs are available to service your mobile end-users who may not have instant access to technical support.

• Routine, Hot Spare, Loaner Programs

• Mail-In, Carry-In and Delivery Services

Value-Added Services

Our Customer Engineers are more than just a “break-fix” team of technicians. They have been specially trained to formulate solutions to your information technology problems. They understand that your business needs to continuously remain competitive by controlling costs. Our Customer Engineers provide a multitude of services designed to enhance your information technology inventory, without disrupting your employees. Such services include:

• Hardware and software installations

• System moves, upgrades and enhancements

• Preventive maintenance services

• Equipment inventory and asset management services

Single Point Project Management

ISS will manage your computer/phone network project from start to finish. We know that it can become overwhelming at times coordinating project efforts. This is where we can help. We will act as a liaison between various hardware, software, and services vendors. Therefore, you can save time and look to a single contact point for project updates. Project management is key to a successful network installation engagement. As the customer, you may not have the time to deal with incoming network issues such as inventory, technical issues, or coordination efforts. It is our objective to manage the entire project for you. But at the same time, we want to make sure that you understand what is going on and when tasks are scheduled. We will do our best to translate the technical information into understandable information.

Our project management team will handle every aspect of the installation and be your single point of contact. This way you can go about your business and have the greatest technological advantage while doing so. Leave the technology to us, so that you can run your business.

Key Benefits of Using ISS’s Project Management Team

Single Point of Contact: ISS will coordinate and manage the entire project. ISS will guide your business though getting your network design complete, to obtaining Internet connectivity though your ISP, to installing a working telephone system.

Quick Problem Escalation/Resolution: Because ISS is managing the entire project, you won’t have to worry about “finger pointing”. (Finger Pointing: The act of one vendor blaming another vendor for problems causing delays and customer dissatisfaction.) ISS will provide a total solution for your company. In this way, as a result we eliminate the need to have separate vendors involved in the project.


Because Integrated Networks recognizes the important connection between our client’s profit, its customers and its telephone system. By employing factory trained, certified and experienced technicians, we provide our clients with the highest quality of installation and service.

As a result Integrated Networks offers 24 hours, 7 days a week, Emergency service response to our clients. Non emergency service requests are responded to, no later than the next business day, thereby minimizing any service disruption. We always have the replacement spare parts available to get your system up and running the same day. In fact, our on site telephone lab always has a working telephone system for each model that is currently in the field.

Unlike other dealers, we will always support and service the telephone systems we sell or agree to service, even if the equipment is discontinued or if the manufacturer goes out of business. As long as our client chooses to retain its system, we guarantee to service it. We have clients with telephone systems that are over 20 years old!

Computer Repair and Support

• Repair and Service

• Service and Maintenance Contracts

• Remote Maintenance and testing services (RMATS)

• Training


Clients have an option to participate in ISS’s service and maintenance program which offers on-site coverage for all parts and labor. At Integrated Networks, our goal is to provide our customers a positive experience with each of our products. You are especially relevant!.


From our New Jersey facility, via internet, we are able to remotely access your telephone system to diagnose and correct certain system faults and problems as they arise. Remote access also enables us to perform tests on your equipment or make specific programming changes, such as station changes, toll restrictions, extension rerouting or updating Automatic Route Selection when telephone call rates change.


ISS recognizes the importance of proper training on the systems we service and support. Our training professionals will educate your employees so that they have a complete working knowledge of the equipment. Our training will maximize your telephony investment to the fullest extent and simultaneously increase your employee productivity and customer satisfaction.