March 9, 2017

Onsite & Remote IT Support

Onsite & Remote IT Support Specialist-in-newark-nj

Onsite & Remote IT Support Specialist in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.

Onsite & Remote IT Support


24/7 Onsite  it support – When your office is hectic and your server is down or your network printer is not working properly, we are standing by waiting to dispatch technicians to your location. We understand that in business time is money, this is why we offer emergency it support service. Our primary focus is to provide affordable, computer help to meet your specific business needs. We can provide you with the essential IT support to run a successful business and be there for you no matter what kind of problems arise.


On site server support – our technicians know the ins and outs of Windows, Linux and Exchange servers. Whatever format server you prefer, we have the certification necessary to provide support when you need it. The host server is the life line of your system. Without proper support, it can fail and leave all the stations in your office hanging. With us, just pick up the phone and we will come out and find the problem. You will be back up and running faster with OnSite service than if you had to depend on a shop.


Managed service – lets us lighten your load by providing personalized administration for your network and database. IT support is at your fingertips with an OnSite service. No more wondering what is going on. You will see it as it happens.