March 10, 2017

Computer Services for Healthcare

Computer Services for Healthcare, Medical IT EMR Solutions

Integrated Networks has extensive expertise installing and integrating numerous healthcare IT services like EMR’s, PACS systems and other medical software products. Integrated Networks have been in the IT industry for over a decade so we have an in depth understanding of medical software solutions. Computer services for healthcare in New Jersey has expertise and we can recommend the right product for your practice then work with the vendor for flawless integration.

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Computer Services for Healthcare in NJ - Healthcare IT Services - Healthcare IT Support

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We offer training and expertise in the following products:

• Installation/Integration of EMR/EHR Software

• Billing and Practice Management Software Installation

• PACS Systems

• Scheduling Applications

• Appointment Reminder Systems

• Paperless Charting

• Other Medical Software IT Solutions

Healthcare IT Support in NJ Solving many of today’s healthcare challenges doesn’t require experimental procedures.

Healthcare organizations are faced with countless numbers of software, hardware and vendor choices. With promises of Federal dollars, even more vendors sprout-up and claim expertise. Meanwhile, more demands are placed on clinics and hospitals to provide authorized access to information while maintaining some of the highest levels of uptime.

Healthcare IT Support in NJ, Balancing these needs with the needs of a community of physicians, third party providers and employees to affordably centralize clinical records is an overwhelming task.

Integrated Networks understands the challenges facing healthcare organizations and has proven success deploying solutions to combat these challenges. Integrate Networks  brings technology to the point of care, guides decision-making process, also connects physician groups, hospitals, labs, radiology practices and surgery centers for seamless, real-time information sharing.

Healthcare IT Services

Our healthcare IT services is familiarity in a broad range of software, we engage with vendors to help find applications to meet your practice’s individual needs.

Integrated Networks will then assist with vendor selection in addition software integration.


Integrated Networks  team of security professionals keep up-to-date on the latest compliance issues facing healthcare organizations. As a result we validate solutions to answer business objectives with compliant solutions.

 Electronic Medical Record Companies supported:

eClinicalWorks is a privately-held, leader in ambulatory clinical solutions. Its technology extends the use of electronic health records beyond practice walls and creates community-wide records.

At Integrated Networks, our goal is to provide our customers a positive experience with each of our products. You are especially relevant!. We take extra steps up front to make sure thoroughly understand the problem. Then create a well thought out approach for solving it. Not only this enables us to avoid mistakes but also overlooked issues that delay the completion of your project.

If you have a technical question, relating either to a support or operating issue, E-mail us at or contact us Toll Free: 1 888 477-0022  or Call Us at (201) 735-1988 To Get Started.

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