March 7, 2017

About Us

Integrated Networks is an Information Technology company in that focuses solely on the unique needs of small/midsize businesses and branch offices of larger companies in NJ.

IT Technical Support knowledgeable staff – Our highly trained technical support specialist are constantly being educated on the latest Technology, IT Networks Services, Products and Installation practices. We provide an ongoing comprehensive training program for our IT technical support to ensure that our staff is knowledgeable on the latest technology advancements computer networks services.

Computer Networks Services in NJ

Our computer support specialists have five to fifteen years of experience with a variety of  IT & secure network systems. Our office is located in Hudson/Bergen County, New Jersey and we provide service throughout the Tri-State area. For any industry, Government, Homeland Security, Corporate, Financial, Retail, and Residential. Integrated Networks will service all your IT Networks Services and Communications needs. Because our goal is to provide a positive experience with each of our products.

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Integrated Networks & Computer Services, Technical Support & for New Jersey businesses. 8027 Kennedy Blvd. North Bergen, New Jersey 07047. Tel: 1 (888) 477-0022

At Integrated Networks we will treat you as a customer, especially relevant before you become a customer.

We have created a pre-sale department for the purpose of providing you with the best IT solution and computer networks services for your company. This department will collect all technical and site information to ensure an accurate proposal in addition an efficient installation.

We will discuss what you would like to accomplish, and create a working model that meets those needs. After we have collected all of the necessary information, As a result we will provide you with a detailed proposal of the network installations with the most competitive prices in our computer networks services.

Reliability in IT Technical Support and IT Networks Services

At Integrated Networks, we believe the customer comes first also every business is especially relevant. Our dedicated staff and skilled computer networking technical support team are ready to customize a secure network system, also we are ready to accommodate all of your IT needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We have a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs. Plus, the excellent reputation we have with customers is spreading –most of our new customers are referrals from satisfied clients!

At Integrated Networks, our goal is to provide our customers a positive experience with each of our products. You are especially relevant!.
If you have a technical question, relating either to a support or operating issue, E-mail us at Toll Free: 1 888 477-0022 or Call (201) 735-1988

Service Areas: Northern, Central and South, New Jersey Areas.