March 9, 2017

IT Services


Integrated Networks IT Services

Integrated Networks Solutions, offers a service-level agreement (SLA) or a service contract at competitive rates, in order to provide a continuous proactive remote and on-site support. Service contracts are the most optimal solution for businesses that are looking to outsource their IT service needs. Because we are less expensive than in-house full-time computer support staff. By outsourcing your computer support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars on hiring, salary and benefits, and still give you the expert, timely services support you need. Call us today for more information and to schedule a free evaluation of your existing IT infrastructure.

Integrated Networks Solutions also quotes and implements flat-rate based projects. You don’t need to have a contract with us to get our help!. Before we give you a finished quote, we need to evaluate your existing IT systems, discuss your needs and expectations. We’ll also ask you about your budget limitations, so that we can offer you affordable solutions. If you have a technical question, relating either to a support or operating issue, E-mail us at or contact us Toll Free: 1 888 477-0022.

Managed IT Services

managed-it-services-integrated-networks-Computer Services for Small Businesses in NYC, NJ & CT

Integrated Security Solutions offers a new model of managed IT services. Through a unique strategic approach, we discuss your objectives, review your internal capabilities, and determine how we can best partner with you to help you achieve your goals. Clients benefit from our flexible engagements, utilizing industry-leading best practices. Managed Services

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a generic, catch-all term that many people use to explain many different IT concepts, solutions and services that might or might not be actually be cloud computing. Because cloud computing is constantly evolving, the IT industry has had a difficult time creating a concrete definition for the concept.  Cloud computing and networking solutions

Networking Services

Networking Services-computer networks services new jersey and new york

Integrated Network Solution’s staff of System Engineers can provide a wide array of networking services. Among the most highly trained and experienced engineers in the industry, these networking professionals offer information technology consulting services such as LAN/WAN design, implementation and administration. Computer Networking

Industries Served in New Jersey & New York

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Many Industries Benefit from our IT Support, Healthcare & Biotech, Non-profit Organizations, Law Firms, Property Management, Professional Services, Manufacturing. Industries Served in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut


Our Guarantee

 1-hour response time to network emergencies.

When your computer network goes down in the middle of a busy day, you need it fixed immediately. We guarantee to respond to any crisis within 1 hour (less travel time) of your call, if not sooner.

 System upgrades and fixes done outside of normal business hours.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we schedule system upgrades and fixes after normal business hours to avoid downtime and save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. If you have an SLA with Integrated Networks, these updates and fixes are automatically scheduled to be performed after hours, since our technicians work 24/7.

 Experienced, qualified, professional computer technicians.

Our technicians are seasoned, qualified professionals with years of real world experience. They undergo regular trainings and maintain all required certifications or equivalent work experience to ensure. We are up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions.

 We provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

Lowering your IT related expenses is one of our priorities. We ensure that our technicians are trained to find the least expensive solution to your problem without sacrificing quality.

 We are big enough to handle any computer job, and small enough to still provide you the individual attention you deserve.

Whether it’s building a new network from the ground up or helping you figure out why you’re getting an error message when you open a document, you can count on us to help. As a client, you will have a dedicated technician to ensure you get the highest level of support.

 Listen first, offer solutions second. Tell us your concerns, and we’ll give you a specific solution for your particular needs.

 We plan and then  act.

We take extra steps up front to make sure thoroughly understand the problem. Then create a well thought out approach for solving it. This enables us to avoid mistakes and overlooked issues that delay the completion of your project and cause extra expense.

 A no-risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hire us to come on site and put an end to your most challenging computer problems. If, after our first visit, you are not happy with our technicians or the work we perform. You can cancel your service agreement and we will refund your payment for that full day. No risk, no hassle, and no obligation. We stand behind all the work we do.