March 10, 2017

Industries Served in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Industries Served in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut-integrated-networks

Industries Served in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Integrated Networks Solutions.

Many Industries Benefit from our IT Support

Don’t see your industry in our list? Chances are we’ve worked with an organization similar to yours. Computer Services for Small Businesses in NYC, NJ & CT.  Call us today at 888-477-0022 to discuss our experience or schedule a free network audit.

Service Delivery Options Available for Small Businesses

At Integrated Networks Solutions, our background and experience working with a variety of companies within each industry we service has given us not only superb IT knowledge of each of these fields, but also has given us an understanding of how each industry needs to utilize technology over the next 5 years to remain competitive. Services for Small Businesses

 Healthcare & Biotech

Healthy IT allows your organization to be more productive.  Integrated Networks Solutions has extensive expertise installing and integrating numerous EMR’s, PACS systems and other medical software products. We have been in the healthcare IT industry for over a decade so we have an indepth understanding of medical software solutions. Computer Services for Healthcare in NYC, NJ & CT. 

Non-profit Organizations

Flat monthly rate IT solutions that efficiently serve your non-profit.

Law Firms

You realize that a simple computer break-fix company is throwing money away and are looking for someone to manage your technical growth. You need an IT resource to help you make the right purchases and plan for the future. You need to know when to buy a server, new computer, move to Windows 7, secure your data, plan for disaster recover… etc. (we can keep going). You realize the effective use of technology is going to be the difference maker between being marginally-successful with chaotic growth and very profitable with controlled, technical business planning. Our IT services keep your firm at the peak of operational efficiency without the tech headaches. Computer Services for Legal and Professional in NYC, NJ & CT. 

Property Management

Let us provide IT support, management and purchasing for your company.

Professional Services

You technology and data will always be available when you need it.


Fixed-rate IT that supports your company without killing your bottom line.